Automating ADHD: An Email-Based Micro Course?

Nick Simard
2 min readMay 10, 2022

This is an idea I’ve had for a little while, but given that I have ADHD, I’ve been distracting myself by chasing shiny objects.

In fact, I was just looking into how I would create this, instead of writing my essay for the day. So I figured why not just write about it and see if it resonates with anyone.

What Would This Micro-Course Look Like?

The idea would be to help ADHDers to automate parts of their lives. Specifically, I’m talking about things that we’re notoriously not so good at:

  • Finances, budgeting, keeping track of subscriptions, etc.
  • Email…just about everything to do with it (at least in my case)
  • Calendars, appointments, tracking time
  • Keeping up with social media without getting sucked into rabbit holes
  • Being consistent with positive habits (despite our best intentions)

Things like that. There’s a ton you can do without even having to pay for fancy apps or software. Of course, if you throw in some extra tools (like Zapier, for example) you can kick things up a notch.

Why Do It Through Email?

A few reasons:

  1. Seems like the lowest lift, though I’d wanna implement a “fast-forward” feature and that’s a little trickier.
  2. Email-based courses seem to be having a moment in the spotlight, and getting into people’s inboxes seems effective.
  3. If it’s successful, I can look into making it something bigger, like an online course, cohort/membership, community, etc.

Anyone Interested?

If you happen to have ADHD and are reading this, would something like this be of interest to you?

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