I’m a bit of an eclectic misfit, and it’s time I embrace it

It feels strange to still be trying to “find myself” in my 40s, but I think I’ve landed on the core element of who I am: an eclectic misfit.

But Nick, we’re all eclectic!

Maybe. You know yourself better than I do, and who am I to argue with you?

How am I an eclectic misfit?

I just have such disparate and diverse interests and talents, and I don’t really have any desire to box myself in or impose artificial limits on what I could/should be writing about. Is that part of having ADHD? Possibly.

Which brings us to the misfit aspect. This isn’t in some nefarious or suspicious way, like I’m part of a band of misfits that’s wreaking havoc. I’ve just never quite felt like I fully fit in anywhere. It goes all the way back to childhood, through my teen years, 20s and beyond.

And if I’m being honest, I don’t know that I necessarily want to fit in, conform, follow the crowd, adapt in order to feel accepted.

So I’m going to embrace the fact that I’m a multi-faceted and multi-passionate person who’s a bit of a peg out of water. A square fish in a round hole. A jack of many trades, master of some.

Does it make me special?

Far from it. I suspect there are many other eclectic misfits out there, especially in the world of writers and/or those who are neurodiverse. Those are often the people with whom I connect the best.

So there it is. My name is Nick, and I’m an eclectic misfit.

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Nick Simard

Nick Simard

Father of 3, husband to 1, writing for fun. I’m an app-addicted autodidact & workflow whiz who dabbles in web design and writing. Sr. Community Manager by day.